Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

JSS has been assisting its clients with relevant interpretation and use of COSO’s ERM Framework for significantly enhancing performance and realize organizational goals

Performance Enabler

Contrary to the popular perception that ERM is a “risk mitigation” exercise, we believe that it is much more and is a “Performance Enabler”.

Event Identification

Conventional Risk Assessment is elaborated into Objective Setting, Event Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk response, bringing clarity into how to proceed for achieving organizational objectives.

Risks & Opportunities

When you look into the future to identify events which could impact your organization, those that have a negative impact are “Risks” while those that have a positive impact are “Opportunities”.

New Business Models

In today’s Internet World, valuations are soaring for organizations, which are able to exploit their Intangible Assets effectively. Techniques of ERM help in realizing such objectives.

Intangible Assets

Importance of Physical Assets like land, buildings, equipment, inventory and Financial Asses like Cash, Receivables, Investments and Equity are well known for ages, importance of Intangible Assets is generally recognized, after some failures which have impacted business. We could place Intangible Assets, under categories like Customer related, including Channels and Affiliates, Employee Related including Supplies, Service Providers, Partners, and finally Organizational Assets like Leadership, Strategy, Knowledge, Values, Innovation, Systems and Processes.

Risk Management Infrastructure

Once you have your Business Objectives in place, ”.you need to develop Policies to link strategy to implementation plans. This needs to be supported by suitable processes and an effective organization chart with competent people, reporting relationships and deliverables. To monitor performance, meaningful, relevant, timely MIS Reports constructed from organized methodologies are required.

Enterprise Risk Assessment

Please give us a chance to conduct an Enterprise Risk Assessment, to assess critical risk areas and remediation measures to achieve your growth plans.

Tulsi S Sastri, JVSN Krishna

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