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Shashank Dublish - JSS Pro - Leadership Team

Shashank Dublish

Head, Operations (UK)

15+ years of experience | Ex Patni Computer Systems

A Chartered Accountant in the UK for over 15 years, Shashank was formerly Head of Finance at Patni Computer Systems leading their international expansion into Europe through entity set-up and handling Finance, Tax and Business Operations in a new jurisdiction. He is currently based in the UK, working with the UK, US and Indian businesses and supporting their growth, internationally.

Shashank Dublish

Head, Operations (UK)

Partnerships & Collaborations | JSS Pro

Partnerships & Collabs

The right association can drive your business to great new heights. With the right expansion and diversification strategies, your organization can attain value and significance. Make the most of cost and tax efficiencies with functional distribution.

Coporate Strategies | Dice | JSS Pro

Corporate Strategies

Let your goals drive your growth as we implement strategies that encompass financial, commercial, tax and other assistance. Our robust corporate strategies envision disruptions and help build a mechanism that can withstand adversities to come.

Investment Planning | JSS Pro

Investment Planning

JSS Pro has advised on merger and takeover activities for strategic investments into various startups in India. We are a SEBI Registered financial services & investment advisory firm providing a host of services to both retail and institutional clients.

High Impact Performance Strategies | Chess Background | JSS Pro

High Impact Performance Strategies

With complete visibility resulting in high conviction – JSS Pro goes about partnering in implementation to achieve transformation into the next phase of lifecycle. Measurable milestones are set for revenue, investment, costs, etc.

Startup & Growth | Business Strategies | White Abstract Background | JSS Pro

With a generally low risk appetite, startups need to work out strategic thoroughness with assessment of capabilities, market readiness, financial strength, overall feasibility, key decisions on pricing and practices.

Startup & Growth | Business Strategies | Abstract Background | JSS Pro

Startup & Growth

Rearing to go

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