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Workflow automation

Learning Management System (LMS) Development

Internet of Things (IoT)

MuleSoft integration

Capture, process and store data using innovative solutions that also help maximize resource utilization.

Our hyperautomation solutions are customized to suit your business needs and can be built for immediate deployment.

Custom Web App Development

Data to Cloud

With its numerous cloud computing services, Azure allows easy data migration solutions.

App Modernization

Modernize your legacy systems without discounting on performance.

Data Security

Based on Security Development Lifecycle, you can rest assured your data is secure.

Cognitive API

Integrate algorithms into websites/apps and harness the true potential of AI.

Networking, storage, cloud-services and analytics - all rolled into one.

Azure promises agility and flexibility to its users when it comes to migrating on-premises legacy systems to cloud-based solutions.

JSS Digital designs solutions based on your organizations needs and objectives, so that you can scale up without any hiccups.


Program management

Portfolio management

Resource management

Project management

Project collaboration

Ideate, plan and execute with ease using Microsoft Projects.

Get advanced management information and better visibility over project portfolios that drive strategic decision making. With improved reporting and collaboration using Microsoft Projects, give way to efficiencies in project management processes and insight into project performance.

MS Projects.

Personalised conversations

Prebuilt connectors

MS Bot framework

Chatbot Implementation

Build intelligent chatbot solutions to scale operations and in response to employee and customer needs. With an easy-to-use graphical interface, Power Virtual Agents is a no-code solution that helps with chatbot implementation and management. With prebuilt connectors and capability to customize workflows, your business will have an improved overall experience.

Power Virtual Agents.

Quick insights

Hybrid deployment support

APIs for integration

Customization for convenience

Drive growth with the help of data driven predictive insights.

Reports and dashboards with interactive visualization enhance capabilities and provide valuable information to resources freeing up their time and effort. Connect disparate data sets and gain insights that can help align your organizational goals & metrics.

Power BI.

Seamless eco-system

Connecting various apps & business processes for uninterrupted flows.

Definitive Steps

Set flows that result in your desired outcomes.

End-to-end Solution

Makes it possible to automate multiple tasks across multiple apps.

Build automated workflows that empowers your business to drive growth!

A cloud-based solution that minimizes the workload on your team by automating manual, repetitive tasks, so that they can focus on productivity. With tedious tasks out of the way, your team can focus on strategic enhancements, paving the way for growth.

Power Automate.

Over 200 connectors

Reduces development costs and time

Integration with Office 365 & Dynamics tools

Interface for creation for custom apps

Achieve agility with low-code apps that can modernize processes and address organizational challenges.

With prebuilt templates and drag-and-drop configuration, Power Apps halves deployment timelines and extends apps capabilities with Azure Functions and custom connectors to proprietary or on-premises systems.

Power Apps.


With features that give you the flexibility to scale up.


Increase productivity and efficiency with dynamic solutions.


Simplify workflows across the organization.


With data readily available, make the best possible decisions.

Collaborative. Scalable.


SharePoint Solutions can effectively enable personal and organizational efficiency with its multi-faceted ability to store, organize and manage all your documents and other information assets.

With customized solutions built to suit your organizational needs, SharePoint offers solutions that simplify workflows and processes.


JSS Digital is the digitization and automation arm that enables process automation for the process strategies and codification conducted including automating Management Information Systems for strategic decision support.

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Technology Solutions

Automate. Collaborate. Elevate.

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