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Digital Solution for Compliance Process Automation

Digital Solution for Compliance Process Automation | Digital Apps | JSS Pro Insights

PROACT: Task Management Tool

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the first step in unlocking value, automating as many manual operations as possible and liberating resources for improved talent use. This is facilitated by the use of AI and machine learning, which then completely take over processes, resulting in hyper-automation!

PROACT (system enabled by JSS Digital) aids in optimising time and resources. It also provides dashboards for users so they may draw insights that have a direct impact on the efficacy and precision of their tasks. Workflow management facilitates internal and external approvals and automates notifications and reminders. The cloud-based solution ensures that data is backed up and protected, and provides a conversation log and document repository.

The compliance environment in India is highly dynamic. It requires complex execution with the correct combination of technologies and resources, as well as improved transparency, for a precise month-to-month analysis of the organisation's progress. PROACT automates tracking and management to minimise delays and maximise productivity.

Digital Solution for Compliance Process Automation | Digital Apps | PROACT Task Status | JSS Pro Insights

PROACT Task Status: Track progress of each task at every stage of the task lifecycle

It’s an in-house task management tool designed for work efficiency and accuracy. It simplifies workflow management by facilitating internal and external approvals and provides automated alerts and reminders for pending/upcoming tasks. Errors are eliminated due to the visibility of the communication trail, resulting in the timely completion of assignments. PROACT also gives our QA team with reports that provide insight into client-specific activities, general team efficiency and productivity, etc.

The need for a Compliance Dashboard

  • Compliance management can often be complicated

  • India's compliance environment is highly dynamic

  • The right combination of tools and resources, the majority of which are excel-based manual tracking results in missed and delayed compliance

  • Relying on people, paper-based

  • Absence of an exhaustive list of compliances

  • The cost of poor compliance has grown significantly during the past decade


The JSS Digital’s Automated Compliance Task Management Tool with cloud-based document storage reduces human labour and, consequently, compliance delays. Compro is a powerful, tested tool for job management with various review stages and automated workflows.

Digital Solution for Compliance Process Automation | Digital Apps | COMPRO Compliance Calendar | JSS Pro Insights

COMPRO Compliance Calendar: View, track and manage all your compliance tasks along with due dates

How can ComPro help

  • Compliance calendar displaying task status in real-time

  • Enhanced transparency and email approvals that are automated.

  • On cloud-based document store with global accessibility

  • Pioneers in compliance management and monitoring

  • Dedicated to process

  • Real-time display of monthly tasks with instantaneous alerts

  • Compliance task performance month over month

  • A comprehensive report of all compliances on demand

PROACT: Application

  • Service Management

  • Activity Management

  • 3 Tier Workflow Management

  • Productivity & Performance

  • Escalation & Query Management

  • Compliance Management

  • Document Repository

  • CSI & Resource Management

PROACT: Impact

  • Client Dashboard

  • Performance Analytics/ MIS

  • Query Monitoring

  • Document Library

  • Publications

  • Service Requests/ Escalations

  • Communication Trail

  • Transparency & Accountability

This operating model easily adapts to changing organisational and sectoral needs. PROACT, aids in time and resource optimization. Users can also access dashboards to gain useful insights that have a direct impact on the effectiveness and accuracy of actions. Internal and external approvals are made simple by workflow management, which also provides automated warnings and reminders. The cloud-based solution guarantees that the data is backed up and safe and offers a communication log and a document archive. The extremely dynamic compliance environment in India necessitates complicated execution with the appropriate tool and resource combination as well as improved transparency for an accurate month-to-month analysis of organisational progress.


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