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BoardWise - Board Meeting Action Tracker Application

BoardWise is a powerful and intuitive Board Meeting Action Tracker Application designed to streamline and optimize the management of board meetings, committees, and associated action items. Built on the Microsoft Power Platform, this comprehensive solution empowers organizations to enhance their board governance processes, improve collaboration among stakeholders, and ensure timely resolution of action points.


Introduction: The Board Meeting Action Tracker Application is a comprehensive solution built on the Microsoft Power Platform to streamline and enhance the management of board meetings, committees, and associated actions. This use case outlines the features and benefits of the application, highlighting how it addresses the challenges faced by organizations in efficiently tracking, managing, and reporting board meeting actions.


Key Features

  1. Board Committees Management: The application allows administrators to create and manage board committees, including defining their roles, responsibilities, and membership. It enables seamless collaboration between committee members, facilitating effective communication and decision-making.

  2. Meeting Management: The application simplifies the process of organizing board meetings by providing a centralized platform to schedule meetings, send invitations to relevant stakeholders, and manage meeting logistics. It includes features such as agenda creation, document sharing, and meeting reminders to ensure all participants are well-prepared and informed.

  3. Action Tracker Management: With the Action Tracker feature, the application enables the tracking, assignment, and monitoring of action items arising from board meetings. Users can create action items, assign them to specific individuals or committees, set deadlines, and track progress in real-time. This promotes accountability, transparency, and timely resolution of action points.

  4. Action Points Ageing: To avoid any delays or missed deadlines, the application incorporates an aging mechanism that visually represents the status of action points based on their due dates. This feature provides a clear overview of pending, overdue, and completed action items, allowing stakeholders to prioritize and address critical tasks promptly.

  5. Management Information System (MIS) Creation and Publishing: The application leverages the Microsoft Power Platform's capabilities to generate comprehensive MIS reports. These reports can be customized based on specific requirements, providing insights into meeting attendance, action item status, committee performance, and other key metrics. Users can publish these reports internally or share them with relevant stakeholders in a secure and accessible manner.



  1. Enhanced Efficiency: By centralizing board meeting management and action tracking, the application eliminates manual processes, reduces administrative overhead, and streamlines workflow. It ensures that action items are promptly assigned, monitored, and resolved, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

  2. Improved Collaboration and Communication: The application fosters collaboration and communication among board members, committee members, and other stakeholders. It provides a shared platform to discuss, comment, and exchange information related to action items, fostering effective decision-making and ensuring everyone remains on the same page.

  3. Real-time Visibility and Accountability: Through the application's real-time tracking and aging mechanisms, users have instant visibility into the status of action items. This transparency promotes accountability, as responsible parties are aware of their assigned tasks and deadlines. It helps prevent bottlenecks, delays, and ensures timely completion of action points.

  4. Comprehensive Reporting: The MIS creation and publishing feature enables the generation of insightful reports, facilitating data-driven decision-making. Board members and executives gain access to relevant metrics, trends, and performance indicators, empowering them to evaluate committee effectiveness, identify recurring issues, and make strategic decisions based on accurate information.



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